Uxbridge Studio Tour

September 14 & 15, 2013 10 AM – 6 PM

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Uxbridge Sculpture Symposium

The first Uxbridge Sculpture Symposium was held in Sept-Oct 2008, as part of the Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts. Three Uxbridge sculptors, all members of the Studio Tour, carved large sculptures in public over a 15-day period, which were then installed in prominent locations in the Uxbridge community.

“Sculpture symposia are not uncommon is Europe,” says Fly Freeman, one of the originators of the project. “Some towns have been doing them for years, and now have a wonderful collection of urban sculpture in their communities.”

The three artists — Fly, Gerd Untermann and Wynn Walters — carved in wood, using large trunks from trees that had been condemned by the township. The carving took place in Centennial Park, behind the Township offices, enabling the public to come by and see how sculptors do what they do, and see the sculptures as they emerge. Large numbers of people came to view the sculptors at work, including school groups, who were able to talk with the sculptors about their tools, techniques and visions.

It is hoped that this might be the beginning of an annual, or biennial sculpture symposium in Uxbridge. Plans are under way for the three sculptors to carve again in the fall of 2009. In subsequent years, the group maybe enlarged, and other media, perhaps stone, also used.