Uxbridge Studio Tour

September 14 & 15, 2013 10 AM – 6 PM

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15. Fly Freeman – Sculptor

Fly Freeman

Fly Freeman

Sculpture for your walls; stone carving for your trees, and much more – Expect the unexpected

Picnic site

Please note Fly Freeman is located at Tracy Walker’s house this year

Tracy’s address – 88 Planks Lane, Uxbridge L9P 1K6
(905) 649-8008

Guest Artists:
Tracy Walker – Paper Sculpture, Giclée Prints www.tracywalkerart.com
Constance Laing – Gilded Ornaments and Angels www.constancelaing.com art.angel@sympatico.ca
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Uxbridge Studio Tour Map 2013

Brochures with maps available at all artist studios.
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2013 Main Map

2013 Main Map

2013 Uxbridge Map

2013 Uxbridge Map

1. Lynda Cunningham, OSA
Guest Artist: Craig Telfer
Guest Artist: David Greaves
S 17111 Ridge Road, Sunderland

2. Ken Nice
Guest Artist: Martin Myers
C205 Conc. 12, Cannington

3. Judith Tinkl
Guest Artist: Diana Lopez Soto
S 18735 Brock Rd, Sunderland

3. Viktor Tinkl
Guest Artist Nicholas Tinkl
S 18735 Brock Rd, Sunderland

4. Carmel Brennan, OSA
4 Whippletree Lane, Sunderland

5. Francis Muscat
Guest Artist: Frank Ditomaso
Guest Artist: Vanessa Slater
S 415 Concession 2, Sunderland

6. Lynn Bishop, OSA
Guest Artist: Tom Loach
Guest Artist: In memory of Lewis Parker
10695 Acton Rd. R.R. 1 Sunderland

7. Cynthia Cupples
8319 Concession 3, Uxbridge

8. Della Cavanagh
Guest Artist: Sherry Rossi
Guest Artist: Lis Simpson
271 Davis Drive, Uxbridge

9. Jean Pierre Schoss
7289 Concession 3, Uxbridge.

10. Marni Grossman
Guest Artist: Barbara Frensel
Guest Artist: Amber Higgins
Guest Artist: Audrey Jolly
Guest Artist: Michael Wilkins
Blue Heron Studio, at the back of 62 Brock W, Uxbridge

11. Sharon Nielsen
Guest Artist: Linda Welch, l.welch@rogers.com Award-Winning Photographer
Guest Artist: Jennifer Wolfe, jenn@blissjewellery.ca Lapidary Artist.
54 Cedar Street North, Uxbridge

12. Monique van Wel
Guest Artist: Linda Henry
Guest Artist: Shawn Hermans
Guest Artist: Paul & Beverley Williams
35 Sandy Hook Road, Uxbridge

13. Ross Colby
4 Sandy Hook Rd., Uxbridge

13. Daniel Colby
4 Sandy Hook Rd., Uxbridge

14. Helen McKenna
52 Cosmos Ave., Uxbridge
(corner of 2nd Ave., & 4th Ave.,)

15. Fly Freeman
Guest Artist: Tracy Walker
Guest Artist: Constance Laing
Please note Fly Freeman is located at Tracy Walker’s house this year
Tracy’s address – 88 Planks Lane, Uxbridge

16. Megan Jones
28 Toronto St., North, Uxbridge L9P 1E6

16. David Swinson
28 Toronto St., North, Uxbridge L9P 1E6

17. Saundra Reiner NEW LOCATION
35 Mill St Uxbridge

18. Max Kalinowski
Guest Artist: Peter Lauricella
Guest Artist: Mary Noetzel
Guest Artist: Audrey Morgan
6100 Main Street South, Conc. 7, Uxbridge

19. Shelly Burke
Guest artist: Berna Kilic
5845 Concession 6 Uxbridge

20. Mark Puigmarti
Guest Artist: Dan Gallagher
Guest Artist: Deeni De Medieros
402 Reach Street @ Lakeridge Rd., Port Perry

21 Jennifer Ross
Croftbeg, 115 Durham Road 21, Port Perry

21. Gordon Ross
Croftbeg, 115 Durham Road 21, Port Perry

22. Lynne McIlvride Evans NEW LOCATION
14260 Marsh Hill Road, Utica Port Perry

23. Ann Cummings
Guest Artist: Erica Gajewski
Guest Artist: Kimberley Price
71 Sumac Lane, Port Perry

24. Judy Bear
Guest Artist: Gordon Reidt
Guest Artist: Lianne Snow
76 Chalk Lake Rd. Port Perry

25. Hanneke Koonstra
Guest Artist: Barbara Thompson Hoover
Guest Artist: Danielle Boerhof
512 Allbright Road, Uxbridge

26. Christl Niemuller TWS
*2750 Concession 3 South, Goodwood
*NB driveway entrance is # 2650

27. Gerd Untermann OSA
Guest Artist: Jeannine Rosenberg
Guest Artist: Caitlin Sabean
4560 Sideline 22, Claremont

28. Siloam Studio Stop
Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Art!
Washrooms on site
Picnic site
7040 Concession 2 and Regional Rd. 8, Uxbridge